How to Find Your Ring Size?

How to Find Your Ring Size? CLOVER JEWELLERY

Wrap flexible measuring tape around your finger. Wrap the tape close to the knuckle. This is the thickest part of your finger, and your ring will need to slide over it comfortably. After all, taking on and off your ring shouldn’t be painful! Choose a cloth or plastic measuring tape for a more accurate measurement. You can try a metal measuring tape, but it’ll be a lot harder to wrap around your finger, and could cause injury.

  • For an even easier measurement, check out different jeweler’s websites for printable ring sizers. You can use these much like a tape measure, only the ring sizes are visible on the ruler itself, which means you don’t have to convert the measurements.
  • Don’t wrap the paper too tightly. Aim for a snug but comfortable fit.
  • Here’s a fun fact: Even the same fingers on different hands are different sizes. Make sure to use the exact finger that will wear the ring. For an engagement ring, you should be sizing your left ring finger, not your right.
  • The size of your fingers tends to change throughout the day. Weird, right? For best results, measure at the end of the day.

Record the measurement where the tape overlaps.
 Do this on a separate piece of paper with a pen or pencil. You can record the measurement in inches or millimeters, depending on the retailer. Many will have both measurements available, but a European retailer might only have measurements in millimeters.

How to Find Your Ring Size? CLOVER JEWELLERY
  • If you’re using a printed ring sizer, mark the point where it overlaps directly on the ruler itself.

Compare the measurement to a sizing chart.
 Now that you’ve got the numbers, it’s time to find your size. You can find these charts at many online jewelry retailers. If you want, you can print the chart for easy reference, but it isn’t necessary. These charts convert measurements into ring sizes; for instance, 2.34” (59.5mm) would be a size 9.

  • If your measurement falls between two sizes, go for the largest size.
  • If you’re using a printed ring sizer, check where you marked the overlap to figure out your size.
How to Find Your Ring Size? CLOVER JEWELLERY

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