Why is the inspiration for fine jewelry inseparable from nature?

Jewelry master Dali’s classic jewelry

Noble heart that can beat

This was designed by Dali specifically for Gala

——Noble heart that can beat.

The gold heart-shaped base is inlaid with rubies, symbolizing blood and blood vessels. When Gala walks, this brooch will jump with her footsteps, and the meaning of jewelry that exists because of you is the most inspiring place. His jewelry is bright and bright, poking your girl’s heart in minutes.

“Bleeding World”

His works are full of shocking power.

“Ray of Christ Cross”

“Eye of Time”

Ming and Qing jewelry that is beyond the reach of foreign countries

Domestic jewelry design works have just become popular in recent years

However, abandon the word design

China’s jewelry culture is beyond the reach of other countries

Especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The techniques used by the ancients on materials are obviously more artistic

Jewelry utensils often symbolize an identity.

And more in line with the characteristics of the age.

If you are interested in ancient Chinese jewelry, you can look at Yang Zhishui’s “Luxury Colors” set of three, a book introducing Chinese jewelry and gold and silverware. Writing beautifully and fluently will make you gain a lot.

Those classics that resist time

When it comes to resisting the erosion of time

The Tiffany six-claw setting born in 1886 seems to have the most say

More than a hundred years of lethality

Because it has the magic power to make the girl say “Yes, I Do”

But the charm of antique jewelry is far more than a classic inlay method. In fact, they have already gone out of the old display cabinets and become an eye-catching weapon on the red carpet.

Serpentine jewelry

Is a symbol of Medusa, beautiful and dangerous

Our Rachel is sexy and tender.

Victorian diamond stars

Unstoppable diamonds and romantic constellations

Do you really want to have it?

(The widow is too beautiful)

Ghost Talent Master of Nature

Jewelry master JAR graduated from Harvard, studying art history and philosophy. He was extremely low-key, with no interviews and no brand. But the jewelry he designed is one of the treasures collected by Elizabeth Taylor and other royal families. He is good at making “natural jewelry”, his jewelry is very vitality

A flower containing a bud

Urgent to bloom its beauty

Gems in his eyes

No longer seems to be a cold stone

But living creatures

The animal department is also beautiful

If a boy holding such a bouquet of flowers proposes to you, would you agree?

René Lalique was born in 1860 and has become one of the oldest and most famous jewelry brands in the world. All along, Lalique likes to take the beauty of nature and marine life as inspiration for creation.

René Lalique applied female images to jewelry decoration, which was indeed a bold move at the time.

He often transformed them into scarabs, dragonflies or peacocks for a while, and then into plants, flowers or animal forms, full of fantasy ideas.



Thinking about it, it is these excellent jewelry designs, perhaps because they have experienced the test of time, experienced the warmth of the world, and still persist in the war and the changes, and after the precipitation of time, they let these Every scratch on the jewelry is full of meaning.

Of course, in addition to the jewelry design mentioned above, there are many well-known design brands worthy of praise. We are familiar with Swarovski, Burberry, etc. In the same way, there are many brand new, fledgling jewelry designers that surprise everyone. They are also working hard to make these “stones” shine.

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