2021 The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Trends this Holiday

2021 The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Trends this Holiday CLOVER JEWELLERY
The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Trends this Holiday

The holiday season has arrived. And indeed, this most beautiful time of the year is also a great time to dress-up and make yourself feel good after a rather disastrous 2020. 

Jewelry, much like fashion, also fluctuates and changes time after time. The difference is that jewelry is more sustainable because even though the trend changes, jewelry will always have value despite newer designs arriving. But still, this won’t stop us from providing you with the best guide there is in choosing the best jewelry to shop for in this stylish time of the year. 

Stack ‘Em Up

From stacked sets to stackable pieces, stacked rings is a trend that’s proven quite the head-turner this year. For sure, you can go and head towards any jewelry shop and see this popular design on display, or shop online and have multiple options for this trendy jewelry. 

The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Trends this Holiday

We recommend that you choose the stackable type if you’ll be opting for this jewelry. With stackable ring sets, the look is not as permanent as the already stacked pieces. You have the option to mix and match your look depending on your preference and your mood as you find your taste for this year’s holiday. You can create your motif with a group of the same ring, choose different types of material, a multicolored set, or perhaps overlapping designs – honestly, with this on-trend, the options are beyond countable. 

Keep It Simple

Some people say that minimalism is the most beautiful form because they’ll always be in style regardless. And this year, if you feel like making a powerful statement that looks simple but elegant, then dressing up with subtle jewelry will simply but perfectly get the job done. 

A thin necklace with a small pendant, perhaps a pearl, or a small stone can make for a plain but dazzling look. Also, if you wish, you can go for a subtle diamond bracelet that’s just so easy and cool on the eyes looking sweetly yet fashionable. 

The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Trends this Holiday

The thing about keeping your jewelry simple is that there is no one definite answer. A basic hoop earring or a pearl earring can be classified as simple. The options for simple jewelry are limitless – pun intended. 

Go For Crystals

Crystals are natural beauties. Not only do they look good, but they are also believed to make the wearer feel good.

Like we’ve mentioned, choosing to go simple is a great choice this holiday season and practically every season known to man for the rest of time. Pairing your bracelet or necklace with a crystal accent will only elevate your appearance while not looking too much nor too less. 


In case you haven’t heard, wearing a watch exudes responsibility and maturity. Having a watch on our wrists provide the impression that we value every ticking second and that we make the most out of our minutes. 

Selecting the proper watch can make for a good investment as well because well-made watches can last generations and can be a good heirloom to pass on to our kin. One tip: make sure that the watch you will be purchasing is a watch that’s not too absurd and one that’s designed from the classic silhouettes that have been proven timeless. 

The holidays are that time of the year where we take a step back to appreciate the year about to end. It is a season to give and a season to be thankful. The year may have been not what we expected it to be, but certainly still have things to be grateful for. 

We owe it to ourselves to make the remaining days as happy as possible. And the way we carry ourselves with the clothing and accessories we wear can help enlighten our mood. With the four guides we’ve given you, we wish that you can pair those pieces of jewelry with genuine smiles on your faces.  

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