The 28th JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show Ended Successfully

A Step Forward to Resume Local Jewelry Exhibition!

md_2517257.jpegThanks to the staunch support of every stakeholder, the 28th JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show came to a successful end. After three local Jewelry exhibitions were forced to be cancelled due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the 4-day show (26 -29 Nov 2020) has been the only jewelry show successfully held this year, creating business opportunities for the exhibitors.

Various promotional offers and award-winning activities have been launched to stimulate consumption. Besides the Big Sale, we also have Day Day Diamond Lucky Draw, JMA Enter&Win! Instant Reward, Scan & Win, JMA Best Service Award, the J-HUB Gashapon game, and so on. Everyone will be granted a prize, spreading happiness throughout the Show.
Different Prize Winning Activities Spread Joy throughout the Show
In JMA Best Service Award 2020 there are 11 exhibitors received the highest votes of visitors. They were rewarded cash prizes and trophies, and a giant Best Service Medal to display at their booths!

Besides, the two major award-winning activities for visitors, Day Day Diamond Lucky Draw and JMA Enter&Win! Instant Reward, have revealed all winners. There are 4 winners receiving a 1 carat GIA-certified diamond and 2 receiving a 0.5-carat diamond. Also, the 1 winner of the Ultimate Jackpot HK$10,000 and 2 winners of HK$5,000 have all received their JMA Shopping Cash Coupons, attracted envy and admiration from the visitors!

Having Fun at “We Miss Japan” Free Instant-photo Zone & J-HUB Jewelry-making Workbench

Japan is one of the most favourite travel destinations for Hong Kong people. “We Miss Japan” Free Instant Photo-taking Zone is thus set up to conjure up the feeling of nostalgia! Featuring the four-season scenery, spring blossoms, summer Okinawa, autumn maples, and snowy Fuji will take turns to show up. We will take free instant photos for you to reminisce about fabulous Japan!

A traditional Jewelry-making workbench was set up at J-HUB booth for visitors to cosplay a jewel artisan by wearing the aprons with tools in your hand! In addition, to celebrate the establishment of 10,000 sq. ft. J-HUB, visitors can apply for a free-trial J-HUB member to join one free workshop and use the co-working space at J-HUB for once. Jewelry-care services were also provided in the booth for free!

Seminars and Illustrations by Hatton Experts Enhanced Public Knowledge on Jewelry
It is one of our missions to allow the public to have a deeper understanding of the Jewelry industry. Two free jewelry seminars will be hosted by experts from GAHK during the show period. One is “Magnificent Red-coloured Gemstones”, and the other is “How to Win Clients’ Hearts in a New Era of Consumption”.

We are very honoured to have the professional jewelry artisans from HATTON Jewellery Institute to conduct demonstrations on the different process of jewel production, like wax carving, hammering, gem-setting and colour rendering, to let the audience witness the process of Jewelry production.

Award Ceremony of IJDC Highly Appreciating Surging Creativity and Exquisite Craftmanship

The JMA International Jewelry Design Competition (IJDC) Award Ceremony concluded with winners in both Open and Student Group revealed. The theme of IJDC this year is “Union”, representing that under the current economy in Hong Kong, HKJMA walks hand in hand with the local jewelry industry. “Union” also means “One Heart” and “One Mind” in Chinese, representing that jewelry designers and craftsmen are all with persistence and determinations to make Hong Kong jewelry shines in the world.There are Open Group and Sketch Group in IJDC 2020. Besides Champion and Merits, we also have the Best Interpretation Award, the J-Hub Hong Kong Designer Award, the 2020 Special Design Award and the Best Popularity Jewelry Award.


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