De Beers, as the world’s top jewelry brand with a long history of inheriting 100 years of diamond expertise, not only has the world’s largest diamond library, but also consistently insists on focusing only on diamond jewelry, and is known as the diamond founder. Unlike other jewelry brands, De Beers is good at integrating natural elements into the design of jewelry, so that each diamond jewelry emits a pure natural atmosphere. Let’s take a look at which natural inspirations give De Beers jewelry The power of artistic creation.

  1. Enchanted Lotus series

Since ancient times, people have regarded diamond and lotus as the embodiment of purity, tranquility and eternity. The Enchanted Lotus series cleverly connects the two. The diamond line outlines the lotus totem that symbolizes purity. The stamens represented by white or colored diamonds are more flexible, and the lotus petals show a perfectly symmetrical shape, like a full bloom Like a lotus flower, interpreting the eternity and purity of life. The pavé craftsmanship runs through the entire Enchanted Lotus series. By inlaying various gemstones or exquisite hollowed-out designs, the high cleanliness of the lotus flower is revealed, which fully highlights the elegant temperament of modern women.

Works inspired by nature in the design CLOVER JEWELLERY
  1. Dewdrop series

At dawn, delicate and pure dewdrops slipped from the petals, and the new day began. The Dewdrop series draws inspiration from it, praising a new beginning and infinite possibilities by shining round brilliant diamonds. The delicate and elegant bagged diamonds are evenly arranged into double pavé lines, just like the fine and gentle morning light, awakening every drop of morning dew on the new leaves. The brilliant diamond-encrusted diamonds, like crystal clear morning dew, show hope and a beautiful new starting point.

Works inspired by nature in the design CLOVER JEWELLERY
  1. Lotus By De Beers series

The pure and beautiful lotus has the ability to grow towards the light, and is placed on the calm water in a full and symmetrical shape. The lotus bud gradually surfaced, and the moment of initial release began. The sun rose slowly, emitting a tremendous amount of light. The lotus petals gradually unfold, bathed in sunlight and blooming perfectly. The twilight came, the quiet pond was full of lotus flowers, and everything was calm. De Beers Jewelry’s Lotus By De Beers fine jewelry collection uses unparalleled craftsmanship, mixing polished diamonds and natural rough stones to portray this extraordinary journey of life.

Works inspired by nature in the design CLOVER JEWELLERY
  1. Drops of Light series

The inspiration for the Drops of Light series comes from the wonderful reflection of light on water droplets. Round brilliant diamonds and drop-shaped diamonds form this wonderful scenery in nature, just like crystal clear water droplets, refracting the dazzling brilliance. As the ultimate expression of light and shadow, the series explores the mysterious and subtle relationship between diamond and light and shadow. Through superb craftsmanship and design, it captures light to the greatest extent, ensuring that each diamond blooms with the most perfect fire, light and vitality, so that De Beers jewelry emits dazzling light. The Drops of Light series seeks the natural beauty of pure sparkle of diamonds between the light and dark alternation of light and shadow.

Works inspired by nature in the design CLOVER JEWELLERY

De Beers Jewelry draws inspiration from nature to create many classic jewelry styles, and its diamond quality is among the best among the world’s top jewelry brands. Every diamond with a score of 20 or more must be selected by the naked eye of an expert, coupled with a unique and exquisite cutting process, which makes the diamond jewelry radiant. In the De Beers offline store, there are professional De Beers Iris fire detection equipment, which can observe the eight sets of cut faces of each round brilliant cut diamond under the professional instruments. If the eight sets of cut faces are perfectly symmetrical, When the light of the fire light detector shines on the diamond, the eight sets of cut faces will simultaneously show a brilliant light with perfect symmetry.

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